I’ve been into fitness for 5years+ and now I’m ready to help you elevate to a better you.

It’s time for you to
“Push Past Your Potential”.

It’s time to stop being average!

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Hi! Welcome to Beyond Average Training, where you will learn how to push past your potential and create a sustainable lifestyle that you deserve!

I’m Latonia, but you can call me Coach Tee. I’m an online/in person fitness coach and trainer . My passion is teaching others how to achieve long term goals and be confident in their own skin.

Here’s the truth: There isn’t any shortcuts, gimmicks, or fancy diet names. It all comes down to DEDICATION, MINDSET, and WILL!

Are you tired of not getting sustainable results?

Are you tired of starting & stopping, and repeating the cycle over & over again?

Are you new to fitness and don’t know where to start?

That changes TODAY, Let’s Go!!